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Freely programmable LED variable message sign

During the dark winter months, gritting vehicles are often in operation day and night. In bad weather, visibility is poor and this can lead to a higher risk of accidents.

Our special LED variable message sign is used on gritting vehicles as an additional warning device – for more protection during bad weather and on slippery roads!

Weather-resistant and freely programmable

The robust black plastic housing of the LED sign is particularly weather-resistant and not susceptible to rust damage caused by road salt.
Any signs and text can be displayed in the variant VarioSign Classic with four colours. A special anti-reflective panel guarantees good visibility of the warning notices even in bright daylight – and this from almost any angle!
The variable message sign is controlled via a radio or cable hand control.

A wide range of potential applications

By the way… the LED sign is not only used exclusively on gritting vehicles. Among other things, it has already been used on a special tunnel washing vehicle for cleaning tunnel walls.

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The year 2022 starts particularly exciting with the new

Nissen Facebook page

Informative, illustrative and unifying!

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Optimum absorption of the kinetic energy due to a perfectly engineered cushion system

Reduced risk of injury

Improved protection of workforce due to a very small roll ahead distance

Broad selection of country-specific and individual warning boards

Superior German manufacturing quality

Tested in all conditions

The new test standard CEN/TS 16786 sets a stronger focus on the European traffic situation as opposed to NCHRP and MASH. This ensures increased safety for the workforce and for road users. Testing conditions include the following:

  • The use of dummies so as to be able to assess the impacts of a rear-end collision
  • Lighter vehicle weights in line with those that are common in Europe
  • Limitation of the vehicle age to max. 7 years

Easy upgrade option 

The Nissen DEFENDER is based on the Nissen RAMBO II that is time-tested worldwide. These models can be easily be upgraded to the standard technically required by CEN/TS 16786 by means of our tool kit and minor modifications. 

Click here for the Nissen DEFENDER brochure

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Thanks to their solar modules, our VarioSign LED Trailers SOLAR and our SOLAR TOWER are ecologically particularly valuable!

The installed solar modules charge the batteries of the systems with solar

energy – this protects the environment, extends the operating times and also saves costs.

Also benefit from the advantages of solar energy…

LED Trailer SOLAR 

Our SOLAR Trailer has two LED advance warning lights and two LED variable message signs for static and dynamic display of texts, symbols and traffic signs. The two solar modules can charge the system batteries in any position. 

-> Read more here…


he SOLAR TOWER has a hydraulically extendable mast that can be rotated through 359°. It has two solar modules with an output of 300 watts each. The LED variable message signs with automatic and manual brightness adjustment can display all texts, symbols and traffic signs, both statically and dynamically.

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The consequences of climate change can already be clearly felt today: rising sea levels, prolonged heat waves and melting ice on the polar ice caps: In order to mitigate the consequences of climate change, environmentally conscious action is required from both companies and every individual! We also make an effective contribution to climate protection by operating successful environmental and energy management

We don’t dispose, we recycle! 

Used plastic is a valuable source of raw materials. That is why we have developed effective recycling methods in our plastic production. Our goal is to effectively and efficiently recycle and reuse plastic waste, rather than simply discarding it. In one year alone, we recycle 8,000 tons of plastic – that’s 8,000 tons less plastic going to landfill and harming the environment.

Solar energy is clean 

We have known for a long time that the sun provides us with valuable and at the same time environmentally friendly energy! With photovoltaics, there are no harmful CO2 emissions that pollute the environment. Solar energy is clean because it reduces harmful emissions of greenhouse gases into the environment. In total, we have installed 10,000 m² of solar panels on the roofs of our factories. And another environmentally friendly side effect is that solar modules are very easy to recycle.

Find out more about our certifications here,
such as environmental and energy management, among others (DIN EN ISO 14001 / DIN EN ISO 50001)