Welcome to Nissen

Adolf Nissen Elektrobau, founded in 1914, is located in Tönning, Germany. After successful years in the field of agriculture, the age of traffic warning equipment began in the mid-1950s with the development of a traffic warning lamp, followed by Nissen’s first corresponding patent application in 1956.

Since 1956, Nissen built up a worldwide reputation by continuous research and development of high quality and innovative products for road safety. The company has become a leading manufacturer and supplier of road safety products in Europe and beyond.

Reasons for such success are continuous innovation and high quality of products which of course correspond with national and international standards.

Among many professional organisations, Nissen UK is a member of ARTSM (Association for Road Traffic Safety and Management) and REMA (Retroreflective Equipment Manufacturers Association).

Intersec/GPEC – Nissen to exhibit

Nissen will exhibit at the upcoming Intersec/GPEC in Dubai (WTC) between the 22 – 24 January.  We look forward to welcoming you at our stand S3- C26

LZA 500-PED : a portable pedestrian light system

Nissen is pleased to announce the launch of new portable traffic light system which can be interlinked to existing Nissen LZA 500-UK portable traffic light systems. The new light weight and robust system offers many advantages, including long operating times due to low power consumption.  Product details are listed under Products menu.

Nissen ROTTM signs gain authorisation

Highways England (HE) and the Department for Transport (DfT) held several trials on a test track to determine the optimal size, font and the font size of the signs.  The trials were conducted in February and in June.  Both trials took place during the day as well as at night. Following these trials, Nissen signs […]