Freely programmable LED variable message sign

During the dark winter months, gritting vehicles are often in operation day and night. In bad weather, visibility is poor and this can lead to a higher risk of accidents.

Our special LED variable message sign is used on gritting vehicles as an additional warning device – for more protection during bad weather and on slippery roads!

Weather-resistant and freely programmable

The robust black plastic housing of the LED sign is particularly weather-resistant and not susceptible to rust damage caused by road salt.
Any signs and text can be displayed in the variant VarioSign Classic with four colours. A special anti-reflective panel guarantees good visibility of the warning notices even in bright daylight – and this from almost any angle!
The variable message sign is controlled via a radio or cable hand control.

A wide range of potential applications

By the way… the LED sign is not only used exclusively on gritting vehicles. Among other things, it has already been used on a special tunnel washing vehicle for cleaning tunnel walls.

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