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Update on current covid-19 situation

Dear Sir or Madam,

Several months have now passed since the outbreak of the pandemic and, despite the easing of many measures, there has been a significant impact on people’s lives and, of course, the economy.

Hitherto, our company has not registered any infections  with the illness, which is largely due to the high level of discipline and solidarity of our colleagues. In addition, we have been able to largely offset disruptions to and failures in the supply chain, which means we have succeeded if not in avoiding delivery delays then at least in keeping them in check.

 Naturally, this is only a snapshot of the situation, for it is not possible to predict the pandemic’s future course. The oft-mentioned “second wave” remains a real danger and we are doing everything in our power to prepare for this scenario.  However, the prevailing situation at our suppliers, which cannot yet be described as “normal”, is imposing restrictions that are to some extent hampering both these preparations and current production.

 Although this means we are unable to guarantee the timeliness of our services, you can rest assured that we and all of our colleagues will continue to do all that we can to fulfil your orders to your complete satisfaction.

 If you have any questions regarding your project or your order we’ll be pleased to assist you.

We wish you all the very best, and please stay safe.

Kind regards

Adolf Nissen Elektrobau
GmbH + Co. KG

Nissen launches a new Light Arrow and Red Cross system

As a leader and with over 60 years of experience in designing, developing, manufacturing and supplying road safety solutions, Nissen is pleased to launch its latest lamp development. Using single LED high intensity lamps, Nissen has developed a light arrow system which is capable of displaying arrow left, arrow right and a red cross.  Additionally, the hard shoulder works warning for traffic management vehicles is achieved by two 340mm diameter high intensity single LED Zyklop lamps.

The new single LED Zyklop lamps are fully compliant with BS EN 12352.  These lamps are designed, engineered and manufactured in Germany.

Like all Nissen premium products with proven German technology,  the new high quality light arrow system is supplied with trialled and tested prism sign which is capable of withstanding the tough UK operational environment.  The prism has three sign faces, i.e., arrow left, arrow right and CONVOY VEHICLE NO OVERTAKING. The Nissen light board is linked to the prism sign using intelligent electronics.  The system can easily and safely be operated from the driver’s cab using the familiar Nissen remote control.

The system has gained the signs authorisation from the Department for Transport and is fully compliant with Highways England’s Chapter 8 requirements and therefore it is now lawful for use in the UK.

Nissen is also pleased to share that it has developed a robust hydraulic Vertical Lifting light board.

The team continues to innovate, design and manufacture state of the art road safety solutions.  Watch this space for more developments !

Information on current situation

Dear Sir or Madam,

We as well are following the developments with regard to the coronavirus very closely, and we have taken all corresponding necessary precautions in good time for protecting our employees’ health and ensuring our performance.

However, as you of course already know from the media, the further course of the pandemic cannot be determined. We assume that the situation will considerably intensify even more within the weeks and months to come, in particular with regard to the staff situation, procurement of material and transport. Our close observation and assessment of the situation has made it possible for us to establish a higher stock level of our major products in order to bridge potential interruptions or breakdowns of supply chains for a certain time, our high manufacturing depth allowing us a certain degree of independence. However, we would like to inform you already today that, in spite of all efforts made on our part, unfortunately some delays in the supply of our services may occur during the weeks and months to come.

Our team is constantly discussing and reviewing the current situation, and we assure you that the Board of Management and all employees are permanently working on the completion of all orders in time and to your complete satisfaction with maximum commitment.

If you have any questions regarding your project or your order we’ll be pleased to assist you.

We wish you all the best and we hope that you, your families and your staff will get through this difficult time well.

Kind regards

Adolf Nissen Elektrobau
GmbH + Co. KG

Newsletter published

People, technology, innovations – with the News-Flash we have been informing you for many years about industry-related news from Nissen, this also appears in the new corporate design of Nissen.

The focus of the first edition of this year is on the changes in our sales department, impressions of the Inter-traffic exhibition Amsterdam, our new factory and other exciting topics. Load and read now!

Download load your copy here News Flash

LZA 500-PED : a portable pedestrian light system

Nissen is pleased to announce the launch of new portable traffic light system which can be interlinked to existing Nissen LZA 500-UK portable traffic light systems.

The new light weight and robust system offers many advantages, including long operating times due to low power consumption.  Product details are listed under Products menu.