Optimum absorption of the kinetic energy due to a perfectly engineered cushion system

Reduced risk of injury

Improved protection of workforce due to a very small roll ahead distance

Broad selection of country-specific and individual warning boards

Superior German manufacturing quality

Tested in all conditions

The new test standard CEN/TS 16786 sets a stronger focus on the European traffic situation as opposed to NCHRP and MASH. This ensures increased safety for the workforce and for road users. Testing conditions include the following:

  • The use of dummies so as to be able to assess the impacts of a rear-end collision
  • Lighter vehicle weights in line with those that are common in Europe
  • Limitation of the vehicle age to max. 7 years

Easy upgrade option 

The Nissen DEFENDER is based on the Nissen RAMBO II that is time-tested worldwide. These models can be easily be upgraded to the standard technically required by CEN/TS 16786 by means of our tool kit and minor modifications. 

Click here for the Nissen DEFENDER brochure

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