Information on current situation

Dear Sir or Madam,

We as well are following the developments with regard to the coronavirus very closely, and we have taken all corresponding necessary precautions in good time for protecting our employees’ health and ensuring our performance.

However, as you of course already know from the media, the further course of the pandemic cannot be determined. We assume that the situation will considerably intensify even more within the weeks and months to come, in particular with regard to the staff situation, procurement of material and transport. Our close observation and assessment of the situation has made it possible for us to establish a higher stock level of our major products in order to bridge potential interruptions or breakdowns of supply chains for a certain time, our high manufacturing depth allowing us a certain degree of independence. However, we would like to inform you already today that, in spite of all efforts made on our part, unfortunately some delays in the supply of our services may occur during the weeks and months to come.

Our team is constantly discussing and reviewing the current situation, and we assure you that the Board of Management and all employees are permanently working on the completion of all orders in time and to your complete satisfaction with maximum commitment.

If you have any questions regarding your project or your order we’ll be pleased to assist you.

We wish you all the best and we hope that you, your families and your staff will get through this difficult time well.

Kind regards

Adolf Nissen Elektrobau
GmbH + Co. KG