Base Plates

From recycled material


  • Made of recycled material in an injection moulding process
  • Universal base plate" K1" - for use with standard beacons as well as for crash barriers & site fences
  • Universal base plate" Light" - for use with standard beacons
  • Universal base plate" Kompakt"- for use with standard beacons
  • Safety base plate "TL 56 K1" - for use with safety beacons

Technical Data

Base Plate K1 Dimensions (LxWxH) : 885 x 435 x 120 mm
Base Plate K1 Weight : 28.50 kg
Base Plate K1 Hole : 40x40, 41x41 / Ø 43, 60x60, 2 x Ø 45, battery compartment


Products and Accessories Ref. No.
Base Plate K1 070350-31
Base Plate TL56 K1 070293-1
Base Plate Kompakt K1 070350-80
Base Plate Light 070350-33
Base Plates