WeNiPol II

Vehicle roof mountable VMS


  • WeNiPol is specially designed for emergency services and road services
  • It displays any static and or dynamic signs, symbols or texts in any language to suit all requirements by using Nissen remote control with LCD display for cable/radio operation
  • The remote control could be permanently mounted inside the driver’s cabin
  • Highly legible signs, texts or symbols even during bright daylight conditions with patented technology (no phantom light)
  • Automatic brightness adjustment for day and night time conditions
  • The remote control always indicates the sign which is displayed on the VMS matrix
  • High quality steel frame with lifting and lowering motor
  • On exceeding pre-set speed limits, WeNiPol folds down to closing position preventing any damage to the system (GPS system)
  • All photometric values are BS & European Norm EN 12966 compliant
  • Also available with integrated amber or blue flashers (St+)

Technical Data

Housing standard Model (St) : 822 x 822 x 100 mm (L x W x H) aluminium, black
Housing Advanced Model (St+) : 882 x 822 x 100 mm (L x W x H) aluminium, black
Weight WeNiPol II with folding frame : ca. 50 kg
Size of symbols : 750 mm, 750 mm
Possible LED colours : red / white / yellow / blue
LED Pitch : 20 mm
LED / m2 : 2500 pcs.
Voltage : 12/24 V
Automatic day/night adaptation : manually adjustable or automatic adaptation, 5-100 %
Data storage : with memory stick, prepared for free programming of up to 250 symbols / texts
Photometric tests : tested according to European Norm EN 12966
LED advance warning lamps (st+ model only : available in yellow and /or blue


Products and Accessories Ref. No.
WeNiPol II (St), red/white with standard cable remote NUK-000006
WeNiPol II (St+), red/white with standard cable remote 129503-002-02
Standard cable remote 129266-31
Battery Guard, 15A 229488-1-M
Blue Flasher for St+ model 070552-2
LED II Matrix Software & accessories for Programming messages 129501-81
WeNiPol II