TaperLamp 626-C

Sequential LED lamp


  • Innovative and robust LED sequential lamp with automatic switch on when cone mounted
  • Self-synchronising lamp is designed for taper applications and incident management
  • Each single battery lamp is fitted with a Super LED and an integrated state-of-the art infra-red transmission
  • All lamps are identical; any lamp can be placed in any position
  • A static amber backup light stays on during the sequential flash to provide continuous guidance to motorists at night
  • A red LED at the rear of each lamp provides clear indication when the lamp is synchronised
  • Quick and easy to deploy lamp with low power consumption
  • Long operating times (up to 125 hours on a standard 6v battery)
  • No keys or tools required to activate the lamp or to replace a battery
  • Integrated cone bracket ensures a firm and stable cone grip

Technical Data

Operating voltage : 6V
Light source: 1 LED
Light colour : Amber
Weight: 0.7kg
Eff. light intensity : 100 cd
Flash rate : 60 fl. /min
Operating time : with battery Premium 800: 600 hrs
with battery Konstant 45: 2000 hrs


Products and Accessories Ref. No.
TaperLamp, amber, type 626-C, one-sided lamp 129083-1
Premium 800 Battery 155051-1
Battery konstant 25, 6 V, 25 Ah (air alkaline) 155054
Battery konstant 45, 6 V, 45 Ah (air alkaline) 155056
TaperLamp 626-C