Steel-Pro 500

Containment level T1/W2


  • Innovatively designed
  • Quick and easy to deploy
  • Independently tested and approved by the German-based DEKRA institute
  • Low weight (25 kg per metre) makes it easy to position the elements on site
  • Easy to transport on a truck
  • Tilt elements are used to prevent the complete barrier from falling
  • Tilt elements are installed every 20 wall elements (240 metres) in the same way as the barriers
  • In accordance with TL Mobile Protective Devices 97 and EN 1317-1/2

Technical Data

Overall dimensions : 12 cm (top) ; 30 cm (base) ; 12 m long, 0.51m high
Barrier weight : 25 kg
Tilt element weight : 30 kg
Connecting element weight : 10.5 kg


Products and Accessories Ref. No.
Barrier 12 m
Tilt elment 1.12m
Connecting element 1.11m
Steel-Pro 500