New Jersey Barrier

Water or sand filled plastic barriers


  • Up to 4 times more efficient in STORAGE SPACE than conventional systems
  • Filling hole Ø 88 mm, increasing the filling rate of the barrier, while easing the exit of air
  • Reflecting elements of 37,6 cm for night signposting
  • Upper tray for warning lamp like Nissen Euro-Nitra LED
  • Easy and stable connection of the separators (male-female system)
  • Hermetic closing cap Ø 58 mm for water drain
  • Six locks to ensure a perfect seal
  • Easy to fill with water or sand (bag)
  • High strength and durability
  • 1,100 mm useful length

Technical Data

Colour of housing : White & Red
Material : Polypropylene
Dimensions (LxWxH): 400 x 1200 x 800 mm
Hole : Ø 88 mm
Weight : 5.5 kg
Reflective area : 2 reflecting elements yellow 37.60 cm 2 reflecting elements white 37.60 cm


Products and Accessories Ref. No.
New Jersey Plastic Barrier white with reflecting elements: 2x white and 2x yellow, RA2 : 071161-02
New Jersey Plastic Barrier red with reflecting elements: 2x white and 2x yellow, RA2 : 071161-01
Screw cap red : 071161-91-01
Plug red : 071161-92-01
Screw cap white: 071161-91-02
Plug white : 071161-92-02
New Jersey Barrier