1 sided amber LED lamp


  • Single 6V battery LED Lamp with automatic switch ON when cone mounted
  • Built-in solar switch for daytime energy saving
  • Quick and easy deploy; no keys or tools required
  • Integrated cone bracket for firm cone grip
  • Robust design to meet harsh operational requirements
  • Superior and even light output with special polycarbonate lens (186 dia)
  • Long operating times with min. power consumption (up to 400 hrs)

Technical Data

Intensity (approx.): 10 cd
Light colour: Amber
Light source: LED
Polycarbonate lens : 186 mm dia.
Weight (excl. battery): 560 grams
Type 800 (standard zinc carbon) 6v battery: 400 hrs


Products and Accessories Ref. No.
ConiLamp LED, Continuous (steady light), 1 sided Amber LED lamp 130331-1
ConiLamp LED, Continuous (steady light), 1 sided Magenta LED lamp 130331-9
Premium Type 800, 6V (standard zinc carbon) battery 155051-1
Battery Konstant 25, 6V, 25 - 28 Ah (air alkaline) 155054