340mm LED MultiLight Lamps

High intensity warning lamps

REF. NO. 122314-101

  • Designed for mounting on works vehicles and works appliances, for securing works under live traffic conditions and especially for hazard warning sign boards (e.g. mobile warning boards and crash cushions)
  • Excellent hazard warning with minimal power consumption
  • Low maintenance cost due to LED technology
  • Automatic day/night adaptation with manual override facility
  • Large light emitting surface makes these lamps ideal for use on motorways and other fast speed roads – particularly in dangerous spots
  • Robust lamp construction which withstands any level of vibration
  • Synchronized operation as a standard with an internal switch for non-synchronized operation
  • Supplied as 2-fold or 4-fold system
  • Each set comprises of main (master) lamp and secondary (slave) lamp(s)
  • Main lamp fitted with 5 m cable; cable length between lamps approx. 6m
  • Available for dual 12/24 V rechargeable battery or 230 V mains operation
  • BS & European Norm EN 12352 compliant, incl. Chapter 8 specifications