Multi-Light 220 mm LED

High intensity warning lamps


  • High intensity warning lamp WL6 approved and tested according to EN 12352
  • Lamp Classes L8H and L8M as per EN 12352
  • Lens diameter 220mm
  • Automatic day and night adaptation
  • Automatic adjustment 12/24V
  • Available as high intensity warning lamp (incl. 2-fold & 4-fold) or as light arrow lamp
  • Low power consumption (only 1 LED) and therefore upto 70% longer operating time
  • Can be used to upgrade former Nissen light arrow system

Technical Data

LED colour : Amber
Eff. light intensity : 500 cd
Av, power consumption day @ 12 V : 0.06 A
Av, power consumption night @ 12 V : 0.05 A
Flash Rate : 60 flashes /min
Operating voltage : 12/24 V


Products and Accessories Ref. No.
Multi-Light,, 220mm dia LED Zyklop 4-Fold system NUK-000010
Multi-Light,, 220mm dia LED Zyklop 2-Fold system 122222-1
Multi-Light 220 mm LED