Update on current covid-19 situation

Dear Sir or Madam,

Several months have now passed since the outbreak of the pandemic and, despite the easing of many measures, there has been a significant impact on people’s lives and, of course, the economy.

Hitherto, our company has not registered any infections  with the illness, which is largely due to the high level of discipline and solidarity of our colleagues. In addition, we have been able to largely offset disruptions to and failures in the supply chain, which means we have succeeded if not in avoiding delivery delays then at least in keeping them in check.

 Naturally, this is only a snapshot of the situation, for it is not possible to predict the pandemic’s future course. The oft-mentioned “second wave” remains a real danger and we are doing everything in our power to prepare for this scenario.  However, the prevailing situation at our suppliers, which cannot yet be described as “normal”, is imposing restrictions that are to some extent hampering both these preparations and current production.

 Although this means we are unable to guarantee the timeliness of our services, you can rest assured that we and all of our colleagues will continue to do all that we can to fulfil your orders to your complete satisfaction.

 If you have any questions regarding your project or your order we’ll be pleased to assist you.

We wish you all the very best, and please stay safe.

Kind regards

Adolf Nissen Elektrobau
GmbH + Co. KG